A new Online and Mobile Banking experience is coming July 18th.

What You Need To Know

The upgrade will take place on July 18th at 9:00 AM CST.

We know how important security is to our customers.  Our upgraded platform and app offers enhanced security features, further protecting your digital accounts, while continuing to provide a familiar design that ensures easy access and use. The platform will continue to offer great features like bill pay, mobile deposit, and real-time alerts. Additionally, you can look forward to new updates soon, including external transfers and enhanced functionality for our business customers.


  • Your Alert settings will not transfer. Make note of your current alerts before July 16th. These will need to be set up again within the new system.
  • Any recurring internal transfers you currently have set up will carry over as is. Once the new system is live, if you want to make edits to them you will need to set up the transfer again and delete the old one.

Access Timeline 

  • Your online banking account will go into “inquiry only” mode at 7 PM CST July 16th. During this time, you will have view only access.  Any bill pay payments or other transactions that are previously scheduled or recurring will still proceed as normal. Inquiry only mode will remain in place from 7 PM July 16th – 11 PM July 17th.
  • Our conversion will begin at 11 PM on July 17th and finalize at 9:00 AM July 18th. You will not be able to access your online or mobile account during this time.
  • Intuit QuickBooks Web Connect users will lose Web Connect access on July 16th, up to July 28th.

First Time Login Process

Once the new system is live on July 18th, you will be able to login using your existing User ID and Password. Upon your first login you will have the option to receive a text or phone call with a one-time passcode to verify your identity. You will simply enter this passcode into the system and submit to securely login.

Please be aware of the following key first time login reminders.

• If you utilize biometrics to access digital banking, be sure you know your User ID and Password prior to July 18th.
• If you are unsure of your User ID, please can contact us for assistance.
• If you are unsure of your Password, you can easily reset it by selecting “Forgot Password” from the Online Banking login screen and following the on-screen prompts.

NEW Mobile Banking App

Our Mobile Banking app is also getting an update! Once the new system is live on July 18th, you can access the new Mobile Banking app in 2 ways:

Through our Current Mobile Banking App

Open our current app, and you will be redirected to download the new app. Once downloaded, login with your existing User ID and Password as noted above, then delete the old app.


Direct Download

Search for Buena Vista National Bank in your device’s app store and download the new app. Login with your existing User ID and Password, as noted above. Once the new app has been downloaded, please delete the old app.

NOTE: If you previously used biometrics to login, you will need to reestablish this feature within the new app.

Questions? Stop into any of our convenient locations or contact us at 618-826-2331.

IMPORTANT! To ensure a smooth first-time login, it is important that your Online Banking Profile includes your current phone number and email address. Please review and update this information as soon as possible. If you need assistance, please contact us at 618-826-2331.