Internet Banking 
Internet Banking allows you virtual access to your account information from the comfort of your own computer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Once enrolled, online banking allows you to view your account information, transfer funds between accounts, make loan payments, order checks and more.  
And best of all, the service is absolutely FREE!  
Not currently a user?  Enroll today to begin using this service as a fast and convenient way to do your banking! 
Mobile Banking 
Mobile Banking allows you to view your balance, transfer money, pay bills and more with your mobile phone.  Enrollment is FREE through your Internet Banking account. Download the TouchBanking app through GooglePlay or iTunes and enter the app code GoMobile0927.  
Account Alerts 
Receive text or email alerts when activity occurs on your Checking, Savings, Loans or Check Card.  Account Alerts are a FREE service through your Internet Banking Account.   
e-Pay is a FREE Internet Banking service that allows you to pay your bills online.  With e-Pay you can pay almost any business or individual you currently pay by check and you can do it online at your leisure.  Not only is e-Pay easy, it also helps save paper, the cost of stamps and trips to the mailbox.  It also keeps the checks you would normally write out of an unsecure mailbox, thus helping prevent identity theft. 
To start using e-Pay, log into your Internet Banking Account.  Follow the easy instructions and you'll be paying bills in no time. 
Popmoney is an e-Pay service that allows you send money to friends, family or anyone at all.  All you need is their name and email address or mobile number to move money from your bank account to their.  To learn more about Popmoney, click here. 
Telephone Banking  
Buena Vista Bank offers 24-hour access for all your banking needs. Call anytime to access your account information. Find out the current balance on your checking, savings, certificates and loans. Obtain current rates offered and transfer funds between accounts. The system also allows you to search for cleared checks and calculate loan payments. Buena Vista's 24 Hour Banking Connection is there for you-24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 
Telephone banking numbers:   
1-618-826-BANK (2265) CHESTER 
1-618-853-BANK (2265) EVANSVILLE 
1-618-284-BANK (2265) PRAIRIE DU ROCHER & RED BUD 

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