Check Card Scam 
August 18, 2014 
Bank customers are being targeted by a scam aimed at tricking them into revealing their Check Card information. Customers are reporting they are receiving automated phone calls that supposedly come from their Bank. The phone call is to inform the recipients that "Your Check Card has been deactivated." They are then asked to provide their full Check Card number. THIS IS A SCAM. We will never contact you and ask for your full Check Card number. 
Attention Internet Banking Customer 
April 8, 2014 
As of April 8, 2014 Microsoft is no longer offering technical assistance or providing security updates for Windows XP operating systems. If you are running Windows XP, we recommend that you upgrade your operating system to a newer version. The newer operating systems will provide security updates and protection for you, especially when you are accessing online financial information. 
1. How do I know if I am running Windows XP? 
•To check your computer's operating system, please visit 
2. What operating systems will Microsoft continue to support? 
•Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista. 
3. How can I upgrade my computer software? 
•If your current computer meets the system requirements for Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, you can buy Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 from a local retailer or Microsoft Certified Partner. If your computer does not meet system requirements, consider purchasing a new computer. 
4. If I am running Windows XP, can I still access my Internet Banking account? 
•Yes, you will still have access to Internet Banking; however, you will be better protected with the most recent operating system (Windows 8.1, Windows 7, and Windows Vista). 
5. Will my MAC computer be affected? 
•No, your MAC computer will not be affected. 
Automated Phone Calls 
July 19, 2013 
We have received a few notifications from customers who have received automated phone calls attempting to get cardholders to disclose account/card information. THIS IS A SCAM. Do not enter your information. We will never contact you asking for account or personal information. If you feel that you are victim to this or any scam, please contact your local branch or (800) 383-8000. 

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