Small Business Checking 
Designed for the small business customer. 
Account maintenance is FREE unless balance falls below $500.00, then maintenance is $5.00 per month. 
The first 250 transactions per month, including debits, credits and deposited items are FREE.  Any additional debit, credit or transit item deposited  over the 250 will be assessed a $.40 per item fee. 
Business Checking 
A perfect solution for any size business.   
Receive a complete, easy-to-balance statement monthly. 
A monthly service charge is calculated as follows: $5.00 maintenance fee plus $.10 per debit paid plus $.07 per transit item deposited.  As a credit applied against the service charge, you earn $.10 per $100.00 on your minimum monthly balance. 
Business Interest Checking 
This checking account provides businesses an opportunity to earn interest while managing monthly transactional needs. 
Receive a complete, easy-to-balance statement monthly.  Earn interest and avoid a $5 monthly service charge by maintaining a minimum ledger balance of $500.00 per month. 
eStatements are a free service that allow you to view your statements anytime, anywhere that you have internet access.  Click here to enroll today! 

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