What would your business do with over $300k?

That's the gross average payroll tax refund amount our partner-referred SMB clients have received.

If your business kept employees on payroll during the pandemic, it may be eligible to receive up to $26k per employee through the Employee Retention Credit (ERC). The ERC is a refundable tax credit created out of the CARES Act to help SMBs.

Check your Eligibility

How it Works

  • Step 1

    Answer a few questions about your business to determine eligibility.

  • Step 2

    If eligible, Innovation Refunds' team of independent tax professionals will estimate its potential refund.

  • Step 3

    An independent tax attorney or CPA will work with you to submit a claim.

Your SMB may still qualify even if:

Your business stayed open or increased profits during COVID
Your business received PPP loans
Your business didn't qualify for PPP
You've been advised that your business may not qualify

Benefits you'll love

With a network of independent tax attorneys, CPA , and tax professionals, our strategic partner, Innovation Refunds, can help eligible businesses claim the ERC. Plus enjoy the benefits of:

No Upfront Cost

Find out if your business may be eligible, with no upfront cost.

Full Service

A team of professionals will guide you through the entire process.

Audit Protection

In the unlikely event of an audit, Innovation Refunds' network of tax attorneys will represent you at no additional charge.

Hear from real ERC applicants

Ready to Check Your Business' Eligibility?

The period to apply for the ERC is scheduled to end. The longer you wait, the less your refund will be.

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