Buena Vista National Bank has a rich and colorful history dating back to the late eighteen hundreds.  The bank's history began in a single room dwelling referred to as “Grandma’s Room” in 1882 for the sake of convenience and the privacy of its customers.  Doris Gilster, commonly known as Grandma, had 2 sons who stumbled onto the banking business merely by accident.  The Gilster brothers operated a general merchandising business.  The banking business they conducted was just an accommodation to local businesses and individuals since there were no local banks in operation within the community at that time.The operations of Grandma’s Room continued until L.H. Gilster and Henry Gilster dissolved their partnership in 1891.  The bank of L.H. Gilster and Company then came into existence as a private banking entity until 1912.  The bank then was reorganized as The State Bank of L.H. Gilster to establish a stronger relationship within the community. 
In 1916 the bank transformed again, but this time became a co-partnership between 16 individuals and was given the name that it bears to this day.  Buena Vista, meaning “beautiful view”, became recognized as a state bank in 1920 and received its national charter in 1944. 
Buena Vista National Bank has been serving the community for many, many years.  Our history reveals the value we place on the citizens of our community and we are dedicated in establishing strong and lasting relationships with those who instill their trust in us.  We will be here far into the future offering the latest products and services available in today’s financial market with a knowledgeable and confident staff to meet the needs of our customers. 
Inspired by the desire of two brothers to fulfill the financial needs within their community, Buena Vista National Bank continues that very same legacy today.   Our directors, officers and employees are proud to have had the opportunity to be a part of the past, to serve in the present and to help build the future of our communities. 

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